Speaking at Economies of Generosity 2013 @ Homebaked Anfield




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3 responses to “Speaking at Economies of Generosity 2013 @ Homebaked Anfield

  1. Bryce, it was good to meet with you on Sunday and I did enjoy your presentation at Anfield Bakery.
    It got me thinking about a Joan Baez song I used to sing, and I thought you may be interested.

    To fully appreciate the impact of women mill workers carrying signs that read “We want bread, and roses, too,” during the Lawrence, Mass., textile strike of 1912, you must be familiar with the words to the poem where the phrase originated (see below). It was written by James Oppenheim and published in The American Magazine in 1911, the year before the Lawrence “Bread and Roses” strike.

    As we come marching, marching in the beauty of the day,
    A million darkened kitchens, a thousand mill lofts gray,
    Are touched with all the radiance that a sudden sun discloses,
    For the people hear us singing: “Bread and roses! Bread and roses!”

    As we come marching, marching, we battle too for men,

    For they are women’s children, and we mother them again.

    Our lives shall not be sweated from birth until life closes;

    Hearts starve as well as bodies; give us bread, but give us roses!

    As we come marching, marching, unnumbered women dead

    Go crying through our singing their ancient cry for bread.

    Small art and love and beauty their drudging spirits knew.

    Yes, it is bread we fight for – but we fight for roses, too!

    As we come marching, marching, we bring the greater days.

    The rising of the women means the rising of the race.

    No more the drudge and idler – ten that toil where one reposes,

    But a sharing of life’s glories: Bread and roses! Bread and roses!

    – By James Oppenheim

    • Thank you Eileen,

      I will look into to the history behind those great words from Baez and Oppenheim. Thank you for sending it on.

      It was great to meet you and chat at the conference.

      You mentioned the cafe in the old pub you are running – please let me know if you would like my community kitchen to get involved.

      All best wishes,


      https://drbryceevans.wordpress.com https://mobile.twitter.com/drbryceevans https://mobile.twitter.com/mannacomkitchen Dr Bryce Evans Lecturer in Modern History Liverpool Hope University L16 9JD +44 (0)1512 913585

      • Eileen Halligan

        We have only just purchased the building Bryce and it needs some work doing to it. It was mentioned that we should also have a community cafe next to our foyer but I feel that would be too much for us to run on top of our current workload even if the credit union could do so under its social objectives, but it may well be something for our newly formed charitable arm to consider. However, when you mentioned offering a mobile community kitchen I thought this might be an ideal solution. It would be good if you could come and look at the building before we finalise plans. If you wish to contact me in the new year (I think you have my email) we can arrange to meet.

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