Food Banks, Food Poverty: A Television Discussion

The recent British parliamentary report, ‘Feeding Britain’ (accessible here investigates the rise of hunger and food poverty in the UK.

This is a pressing political issue. Food banks provide a vital service but their emergency provision is unsustainable in the long term. Most do not provide fresh food nor address the range of reasons as to why people, in the developed world, need to avail of this sort of service. These include the restructuring of the benefit system, depression, loneliness, social isolation etc etc. And, most importantly, it is far too easy for government to sit back and let the voluntary sector address this problem in the name of the ‘big society’.

I went on local TV recently to discuss these issues. You can watch the episode here:

My report for the Winston Churchill Trust, which addresses the problem in the UK and asks what we can learn from the developing world on this issue, is available here:





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