Photographs from #WW1 national kitchens event

Thanks to my successful bid to the AHRC’s Gateways to the First World War research fund the social eating schemes of 100 years ago – national kitchens – are reborn!

Long forgotten, these communal dining projects were vital to the British war effort in the conflict’s latter stages.

I’m recreating them not in a spirit of jingoism, but one of critical reflection on approaches to food poverty today.

I will be recreating these events across Britain so if you are a community group / charity and are interested, please contact me.

A selection of images from the first event are available here:



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4 responses to “Photographs from #WW1 national kitchens event

  1. Sarah

    Are you doing anymore national kitchen events in Liverpool? If so is there a way to sign up to volunteer? Thank you

  2. On my way to vote now, but eager to try out cake receipe! Thanks for this gem!

  3. Going to vote now. Eager to try out one of the cake receipes. Thanks for these gems!

  4. Hello! This is great. What is the best way to get in touch with you? We’re considering how to do something similar in Bristol in 2018.

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