I am Associate Professor in History at Liverpool Hope University. I have appeared on British and Irish television a few times and my writings have graced various publications including The Guardian, BBC News magazine, The Big Issue, and (regularly) The Irish Times.

I am the author of four books and am interested in many aspects of modern history and current affairs, but specialise in Food history and Irish / British history. I’m currently writing a book on centennial memory and commemoration of the Great Irish Famine.

Here you’ll find information and links to research, publications and opinions.



4 responses to “About

  1. Doc,
    Slainte Maith,h-uile lath, nachi ‘snach fhaic!
    Cheers from Ottawa

  2. Cindy Sauerwein

    Dr. Evans,
    As I was researching John Francis Healy, my 1st cousin, 3x removed, I came across your article from the summer 2014 edition of Irish America about your grandmother, Nora McNamara. What an extraordinary woman she is! Not only did your article give me some perspective concerning her life as a young woman, but it referenced “uncles” that might reveal some additional light on some missing parts of my Irish ancestors’ puzzle! I would love the chance to ask you questions concerning the Tralee Healys. Could you email me, please? Thanking you greatly in advance….-Cindy Sauerwein

    • Dear Ed, thanks for your kind remarks on my research. I grew up reading your work and particularly enjoyed Voices from the Grave so it’s very gratifying. As many Irish living in Britain at different times during the twentieth century will attest, the analogy with Islamo-anxiety today is an apt one but – as you note – in many ways the situation is even worse for European Muslims today. Best wishes, Bryce

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