Funding Awards

June 2020 – Economic History Society Carnevali Grant

June 2020 – Everton Football Club

June 2020 – Josephine Butler Memorial Trust

April 2020 – Herbert Hoover Presidential Library research grant

February 2020 – College of Physicians of Philadelphia research grant

August 2019 – Reed-Fink Award

May 2019 – West Virginia University Archives research grant

December 2018 – Harry S. Truman Presidential Library Fellowship

May 2018 – Science History Institute Travel Grant

December 2017 / January 2018 – Abrams-Banning Pan Am Award

June 2017 – Pasold Research Fund Research Activity Grant

October 2016 – Arts and Humanities Research Council Gateways to the First World War fund – £15,000 around WW1 ‘national kitchens’

July 2016 – Scouloudi Award, Institute of Historical Research

June 2016 – 2016 Irish Famine Summer School best paper award

April 2016 – Winterthur Fellowship

May 2015 – commissioned by the Guinness Partnership to write their history of food poverty alleviation

December 2014: Hagley Museum and Library Exploratory Grant

December 2014 – Wellcome Trust

April 2014 – Thank you to Cooperative Food, who have donated two crates of wine (24 bottles) to the Food and the First World War conference

March 2014 – Lord Mayor’s Fund

February 2014 – Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

December 2013 – Gregg’s Foundation Award

December 2013 – Royal Historical Society

September 2013 – Economic History Society –

July 2013 – Society for the Study of French History

April 2013 – Higher Education Funding Council for England.

Jan 2013 Awarded an annual Gladstone Library scholarship. More information about the wonderful Gladstone Library, Flintshire, is available here

2012 – Awarded £10,000 from the Arts and Humanities Research Council for a project examining media framings of conflict, both contemporary and historical.

This builds on my research into aspects of the Second World War, particularly the fod issue. My biography of Seán Lemass was the first work to explore, in detail, the stewardship of the Irish economy during the Second World War. Research on Lemass’s record during WW2 was based on a range of material, but the main body of the research was gathered from the ‘Historical Survey’ compiled by civil servants in Lemass’s Department of Industry and Commerce in the late 1940s.

This research was part-funded by an Ad Astra scholarship from the National University of Ireland.

This research on the administartion of a ‘war economy’ led to further probing of the issue of food supply in wartime. I was recently awarded a British Association of Canadian Studies (BACS) research travel grant. For more about the BACS see

The grant covers my travel expenses to and from Canada and enables me to carry out extensive research in the National Archives and Library, Ottawa. My research proposal, for which the money was awarded, concentrates on the black market in Canada during the Second World War.

This follows research carried out for my forthcoming book ‘Ireland During the Second World War’, which is to be published by Manchester University Press in 2013. The book reveals the colourful history of the black market in Ireland during the WWII (or ‘the Emergency’ as it’s dubbed over the Irish Sea), discussing phenomena such as cross-border smuggling, profiteering, and the state clampdown.

The book compares the black market in wartime Ireland with black markets in the other neutral states (Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal) and in Britain. By extending my research to Canada, I am building towards a global history of black markets during the 1939-45 period.

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