Media Dates



7 April – East Coast Radio Ireland

27 February – BBC Radio Merseyside – Healthy Eating for the Elderly


12 December – BBC Radio Merseyside – British food through the decades

15 October 2018 – BBC Radio Wales Jason Mohammed Show

1 March 2018 – Facebook Live stream (Liverpool Hope University)

13 February – BBC Radio Wales, History of the Pancake


BBC Blue Peter, 19 October 2017

BBC Radio Wales – the 80th birthday of SPAM 5 July

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme General Election Day 8 June 2017

BBC Radio Wales General Election Day Breakfast Show 8 June

BBC Radio Merseyside, Election Day Roger Phillips Show 8 June

Radio City special – snap general election – 18 April 2017

BBC Breakfast (BBC1 National), 30 March 2017

BBC North West Tonight (BBC1 Regional), 30 March 2017

BBC Radio Merseyside, 30 March 2017

MADE TV Liverpool news, 30 March 2017

Radio City Special: Theresa May’s Brexit speech – expert analysis, 17/01/17


Washington Post, 5/11/16. Video available here:

BBC Radio Breakfast special ‘History of Thanksgiving’ and Radio City annual Budget Speech analysis (both 22/11/16)

BBC Radio Wales special Christmas food, 23/12/16

BBC Radio Wales Breakfast special ‘bara brith’, 17/11/16

BBC Radio Wales Drivetime special ‘election cake’, 01/11/16

US Election analysis on Radio City talk Mick Coyle Show 19th, 26th October and 2nd, 9th November 2016

Radio City PMQs analysis – every Wednesday lunchtime – next one 12/10/16

Ireland’s Newstalk FM special on Frank Aiken, 6-8pm, 15 May 2016

BBC Radio Merseyside 1916 Special, 12-1, 16 May 2016

Radio City PMQs analysis, 11 May 2016

Radio City PMQs analysis, 27 April 2016

Radio City analysis: Prime Minister’s Questions, 13 April 2016

Radio City interview: child poverty and food, 22 Feb 2016


BBC Radio Merseyside, Roger Phillips show, 10 December 2015

BBC News article:
More press coverage of national kitchens research:

BBC Radio Berkshire, Anne Diamond show, Wednesday 8 July, 10:45am

BBC Radio Merseyside, Roger Phillips show, Wednesday 4 March, 12-2pm. Documentary: ‘Fear and Loathing in Liverpool: the IRA’s 1939 bombing campaign’, to be broadcast soon, date TBC

Tuesday January 13, Faith Matters, Bay TV

[2014 media appearances]

Sunday January 19 – RTE Radio 1, History Show, 6.30pm

Tuesday February 25 – BBC Radio Merseyside, Breakfast Show, 8.10am

Monday March 3 – BBC Radio Merseyside, Roger Philips Show, 11.30am

Sunday March 30 – RTE Radio 1, History Show, 6.00pm

BBC World War One at Home project (listen at

August 7 – Blue Peter (yes, really), CBBC channel

Wednesday March 26 – BBC Radio Merseyside, 11:30am

Friday June 13 – ‘The Last Word with Matt Cooper’, Today FM (Ireland), 5.45pm

Wednesday July 9 – BBC Radio Somerset Breakfast Show, 9am

Tuesday November 11 – BBC Radio Merseyside

Monday 7 December – Bay TV documentary ‘Eleanor Rigby’

Sunday 14 December – BBC Radio Merseyside


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