Food History

Food history, part of the expanding field of food studies, is a passion of mine. My undergraduate course The Taste of War has proved ever popular since it’s introduction two years ago. It’s been featured in publications such as the brilliant food history journal Petits Propos Culinaires and the Liverpool Echo education supplement In 2012 the course won a Learning and Teaching award at Hope after staff and students paid a visit to a local cookery school to try out some historical recipes.

I am also the organiser of the Conference Food and the First World War, an event which reflects my interest in the role of food in conflict. REPORT Posted on ‘Home’ section of website.

I am always interested in chatting about food history and advancing it as a research topic.

Separately, I attempt to do my little bit to reduce food poverty through my social enterprise Manna Community Kitchen and in summer 2014 will travel to Peru as Winston Churchill Fellow to research how communal food security works in that country.

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